Bullet Points: Worship the Panther God

I, Trevon Gerard Hughes seek the attention of all fellow Black folks for I have a message directed to them and them alone. By the power my blackness has granted me I declare that it’s ok for you to be overly joyous about the impending cinematic release of Marvel’s very own first African superhero Black Panther. Continue reading “Bullet Points: Worship the Panther God”

So I was wrong about Breath of the wild




Ten months and forty-five hours later I can, without a doubt, say I was absolutely wrong about Breath Of The Wild. I’ve been known to say – on record – that I feel like botw’s world felt empty. While I still sort of stand by my claim, it’s subjective to the player. From a story standpoint, I think it’s reasonable to feel the world was barren. There are monsters & guardians lurking all throughout Hyrule Plains; one of the larger areas of the game. A great deal of my initial playthrough was in this area so I felt the game had no life, especially when comparing it to other open world games. Continue reading “So I was wrong about Breath of the wild”

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