Meet the team

  • Bashir

         The Brains Behind the site! Check out his fitness site





Trevon Hughes, The Trifle Lord. Gaming’s ultimate underachiever. Able to buy and start five new games at a time and never finish any of them. Ask this motherfucker if he’s finished Witcher 3, mind you he’s had it since day one. This doesn’t just happen with a game, there are so many comics, books, and TV shows that have been left on read at the halfway point. This bastard would rather get online and argue with racist than see something through. You’ll always catch this money waster falling back into the comfort of a 5+ year old game that he’s beaten at least 6 times in the past.(Back when he beat games) Also, he still hasn’t played The Last of Us so be sure to hate him for that too.

  • Flee

V•i•d•e•o G•a•m•e – a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer. Long have I used these virtual worlds and comic book panels as portals to new worlds, worlds that tend to be more accepting of our faults. -eastsideflee


  • Husbando

Elite gamer since 1994 played countless generations of consoles from Sega Genesis, SNES, Dreamcast, Ps1, Xbox original and continue on till this day. Mass effect fanatic JRPG nerd and fighting games.❤


  • Ramos

I’ve never been one to speak much of myself. Or at all, for that matter. But one thing I’ve never been quiet about is my love for video games. 


  • Aaron

As a 22-year-old Harlem native, I have always loved Video Games, Anime, Comics, and Film. For years I have wanted to share and my passion with the world I hope you rock with our content and can build a community together!


  • Mr. Gadoken

 How can I express myself in just a few short sentences? I am happy to be a part of the Between Villains crew and be given the  opportunity to bring new content with a team of like minded gamers. On my end I want to boil down all of my favorite things and create content that will and show them the beauty of video games. I won’t hold anymore of your time, so I will just show you. Welcome to Between Villains.