Shadow Of the Colossus Review

Shadow of the Colossus was initially released October 18, 2005, on the PlayStation 2 re-released on the PlayStation 3  & recently on the PlayStation 4. If you have not played this in the thirteen years that it has been out- now should be the time you get to it.


Shadow Of The Colossus has a simple outline for the player. You play as a young man named Wander as he travels to a forbidden land with his trusty horse Argo for to get help (trying to avoid spoiling here.) When he arrives, he is told if he slays the sixteen Colossi that reside in the land his wish will be granted. The story for this game is a very simple but heartfelt story of love, betrayal & consequence.


While the game doesn’t have much dialogue, because of a lack of NPC’s, it makes up for it by telling a story in the environments. There is a  showcasing of ruined castles and  bridges that lead to beauty and destruction of the Colossi—whom each have a different design and need to be defeated in different ways. The music (Scored by the legendary Kō Ōtani) also plays a huge role in the games storytelling every song fits the moment perfectly— whether it be gripping onto a birdlike Colossi in midair holding on for dear life or running away from simply trying to find the best opportunity to mount a Colossi. Its speaks wonders for the atmosphere of the game one of my favorite pieces being liberated guardian.


I have played the all the versions of the game and the gameplay hasn’t been dramatically touched in any way. The PS2 Version and PS3 have the exact same controls. The PS4 remake attempted to make the controls more modern for newcomers, while it took a short time to get accustomed to for all versions of the game, once you get the hang of it it’s a breeze. The controls can be a bit funky at times, but,  it is still an original PS2 game.


Wander has four weapons at his disposal: his sword, bow, horse & most important his stamina, which all are huge parts of the gameplay. It’s hard for me to say what exact genre this game would fall under, however I would say it is a hybrid of action adventure & puzzle. While the colossi are your only real enemies in the game,some of them do have small puzzles you need to figure out to beat them.

I don’t want to go to more into depth about the game because it would sully the experience of such brilliance. If it had to compare it something, it would be a darker version of a Zelda game— that makes you question if what your doing is right.


Shadow of the Colossus follows a simplistic way of storytelling that leaves a lot open to interpretation.Even though the game has a few hiccups, like the controls feeling outdated, it’s still a fantastic ride that it think everyone should definitely try no matter which version of the game you play(But I do recommend the HD remaster or Remake for a better frame rate).

This game is Villain Approved with a 9/10!

Co-Creator of  Between Villains

I enjoying loafing while playing games  reading manga and writing

Author: Aaron Young

Co-Creator of  Between Villains I enjoying loafing while playing games  reading manga and writing

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