Bullet Points: Worship the Panther God

I, Trevon Gerard Hughes seek the attention of all fellow Black folks for I have a message directed to them and them alone. By the power my blackness has granted me I declare that it’s ok for you to be overly joyous about the impending cinematic release of Marvel’s very own first African superhero Black Panther.
Now in the past few weeks we’ve heard from the illiterate hoteps and sofa chair activists belittle everyone’s genuine excitement to see authentic representation on the big screen. To what end? That answer escapes me as I am not a hatin ass nigga.

I mean I am, however what I usually do is critique. And as far as I can tell they aren’t coming up with any substantive criticisms that don’t boil down to “I hate it when niggas get happy!” Especially since there are criticisms to be had but put a pin in that for now because I have something to say.

I love it when niggas are happy.🖤

All of this enthusiasm for one of my favorite black comic book characters from the black community is enough to put a tear in this villain’s eye. That’s why it’s ok to be excited black folks. It’s ok for kids and adults alike to project themselves upon these characters. It’s ok if you’re giddy at the facts that this is probably the first time you’ve seen yourself on the big screen in a positive manner. Its ok to make a bunch of memes to express excitement. It’s ok to have fun with fellow black moviegoers at the theater. It’s ok to want to share this experience with your entire community. It’s ok to treat this like a big deal because it is. And it’s most definitely ok to be black.

On the flip side it’s ok to not be as excited as everyone else. As far as we can tell right now, as I write this before I’ve watched the film, Black Panther isn’t 100% representative of all black people. All of the characters seem to be cishet, seem to live without physical disabilities, come from a fictional society more privileged than most other black people, and all have the conventional Hollywood look. There are going to be some black people that will still not find their representation with Black Panther. And if they want to voice that then let them because All Black Voices Matter just as All Black Lives Matter.
So be safe, have fun, and spread love. 🖤

The DevilRay

Author: Trey Hughes

The DevilRay

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  1. I personally agree with this— This was a great moment in Pop Culture. Especially with the amount of rhetoric that has been taking place in America, Great read!

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