Altered Carbon Review ( No Spoilers)

If you enjoyed Blade Runner this show is a must! Many people enjoyed the concept of Blade Runner, but couldn’t get into it (maybe because of its at times slow pacing)- this show is definitely up your alley. While Blade Runner has action, it relies more on the world and it’s characters versus senseless combat (Not to say Altered has Unnecessary combat). When a fight happens in Blade Runner, it’s for a good reason. Altered Carbon, on the other hand, tends to try and balance action sequences and story. I believe the main difference between the two is: in Blade Runner, the main characters are cops and have a set of rules. In Altered Carbon, on the other hand, the main character of Altered Kovacs is not a cop and has less obligation to follow said rules.

Altered Carbon Constantly has a captivating story with twists and turns. While the story isn’t perfect, it keeps its paces with some of the best a CG TV show can offer. There is a sense of individuality in all of the characters. Amazingly enough, none of them stand in a negative light. My favorite character is POE a Hotel AI, whom you meet towards the end of the first episode.

The best part of the show to me would have to be the neo-noir style that the first couple of episodes projected. While the entire show can be considered neo-noir, I think it drifts away from this concept towards the middle.

The show is based on a book. Although I’ve never read it, I’ve read on Reddit about the modifications that were made from the original counterpart. It becomes cliche once the villain is revealed (But,  the twist that led to it was exciting!) There are components in the universe of  Altered Carbon that could have been explored before the turning point. I believe this could have created more detailed, comprehensive paraphernalia for the new seasons to come if there are any.  But, I’m sure, as in most cases they did not want risk the show failing and ending on a cliffhanger. While ultimately the show’s short-comings are noticeable, the journey throughout the overall plot made the show binge-worthy.

I hope the show gets another season and provides for insight into plots that weren’t explored fully.  Moral of the story if you’re  interested in the CyberPunk or Neo-Noir genres, Altered Carbon might be the best way to get your fix.


This show is Villain Approved with an  8/10!

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I enjoying loafing while playing games  reading manga and writing

Author: Aaron Young

Co-Creator of  Between Villains I enjoying loafing while playing games  reading manga and writing

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