When Do You Stop Being a Real Gamer?


For the past three years, I feel as if my interest in playing video games has been dwindling away. There’s been a steady release of disappointment after disappointment whether it’s Cut Content, micro-transactions, open world fiasco’s, etc. After having a conversation with a friend of mine, a specific question kept ringing in the back of my mined to anymore. Now, I love watching live events and speculating about new release rumors, leaks, hearing; or reading about extended universe content. But what exactly is the culprit for my lack of motivation in playing? Is it because I’m in a relationship and don’t have as much free time as I did before, is it because I no longer work in a stressful work environment or does it have anything to do with age these are questions I ponder on.


In this very opinionated and sensitive day and age, it’s hard to define anything or anyone in just one classification. However, before I can really answer the question of “if I’m a real gamer or not,” I think it’s significantly important to address my definition of what a “real gamer” is. I took the very broad idea of being a gamer and boiled it down to three:


  • Competitive gamers- the one who plays a game/games in a single genre for the most part and must be the very best puts in hours of practice to hit a high number on a leaderboard or maybe even compete in a tournament they take the skill of the game very serious.
  • Hardcore Gamers- Secondly you have your Hardcore Gamer Who tries to play and enjoy as many games as possible from vastly different genres loves everything the game has to offer from the Music to the Multiplayer and art direction.
  • Your Casual Gamers- Lastly you have your casual gamer who may like games but might not have the time to be competitive or Hardcore might beat a game on easy just to have the achievement of beating a game under their belt. Your Typical Causal gamer is someone who might like the thrill of the game but doesn’t mind taking long stretched breaks.


Now if I’m being honest I consider all of these “categories” to be “real gamers”. Simply because they add to the diversity of our gaming community. In their own way, each “gamer” contributes his/her special insight on what it is to be a gamer Good or Bad.


Now it all falls back to the magic question am I still a real gamer?  I say yes, I am a part of a community that is constantly evolving and adding some new flavor to the gaming scene. I’m an evolved gamer. Although my drive to be the best I can in games isn’t what it used to be, I find myself just enjoying the general sensation of playing video games. Playing video games used to be my source of therapy growing up. It gave me a sense of stability, it helped me cope with things I could not understand as a child, it helped through heartbreak etc. As I’ve gotten older and experienced more, I started to realize there’s other ways for me to deal with things besides drowning myself out in video games.


I’ve found myself appreciating and engaging in the many other aspects of video games (besides the game itself), such as the articles and content that comes along with it. My love and appreciation for video games has grown to new heights over the years. It’s helped me discover what exactly I want to do with my life.


To my point: If you can love and appreciate video games- you are a real gamer. If you can sit down and talk about a game’s story or an epic moment you’ve had while playing a game- you are a real gamer. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


If you feel the same way let’s get a conversation started and share this around to get more people involved in the conversation!


From a Real Gamer to Another,


Don’t Forget to Keep It Between Villains.

Aaron’s Top 6 Favorite Game Trailers


  • 6

I remember the first time watching this trailer after school around 2006 this is before I frequented game sites so I  had NO idea this was being made and I was super into dmc3 at the time. Everything about this trailer was super dope at the time Dante seemingly being evil to thinking Nero was Vergil without his memories even though the game to say the least not as anticipated I still thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was worth!

  • 5

Final Fantasy Versus 13 AKA Final Fantasy 15 I can’t even tell you the levels of hype I had for this game from its initial ps3 trailer I had a 360 around that time so I would ALWAYS talk about how as soon as it comes out I’m getting a ps3 which never happened and when we I did get to play the game it was also like dmc4 vastly different from expectations but the trailer was still amazing nonetheless.

  • 4

Im going to start off by saying I LIKE ZELDA A LOT! but I have no beaten any zelda game in my life(I OWN BOTW btw it’s just so vast I got lost in the world still playing it) ive played a majority of them but never beat them blashpemy I know but this trailer for breathe of the wild is not only what wiped away any doubt I had the Switch following the Wii U’s lackluster life cycle it gave me a sense of dread that if I did not play this game I was missing out on something major this trailers music atomosphere voice acting particually the japanese trailer is amazing. The Pain in Zelda’s voice spoke volumes to me! This trailer was absolutely astonishing.

  • 3

Not much has to be said about this trailer Gears Of War trailers were almost if not on par with halos trailers I still get goosebumps from this I was super excited for this game the good old days in the Golden Age of Xbox.

  • 2

IT’S FUCKING SUPER SMASH BROS MELEE! WHAT IS THERE TO SAY IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS GAME OR INTRO JUST WOW. The intro for the game is a cutup version of the original e3 trailer from 2001 damn I feel old.

Honorable Mentions

  • 1

I am not a sports fan but on  December 4, 2006 YOU BET YOUR ASS I WAS watched the super bowl that year just to watch this trailer Halo 3 means so much to me and is one of my favorite games of all time this game DOMINATED so much of my early teen years it’s not even funny to this day this trailer gives me the same levels of excitement I did when I first saw this trailer just waiting for the game to finally come to my hands. I bought an Orginal Xbox to play Halo 2 the 360 was already but they were rather expensive at the time ill never forget when my mother took me to a black Friday sale and bought an Xbox Arcade edition for me and I just KNEW that come Christmas time Halo 3 would be mine and my excitement and joy from this trailer would be Fulfilled. Bungie may have fallen from grace in recent years but this game and trailer will forever be a testament to there love and passion for video game creation.